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Объем: 350 стр.
Переплет: Мягкая обложка
ISBN 143027235X; 2010 г.

iPhone Design Award-Winning Projects (The Definitive Guide)

Автор: Chris Dannen

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This book profiles developers who have received the prestigious Apple Design Award for iPhone app excellence. You’ll learn all about what makes these apps truly standout, including explanations of great user interface design and implementation, as well as the code under the hood that makes these the most responsive, intuitive, useful, and just plain fun apps running on the iPhone. Insightful profiles of the developers behind Tweetie, Topple 2, AccuTerra, Postage, and Wooden Labyrinth 3D Detailed explanations of the technical wizardry that makes these apps tick Full-color screenshots and copious downloadable code snippets to get you started building the next iPhone Design Award–winning apps What you’ll learn How the best iPhone and iPod touch apps are built How detail-oriented, semi-obsessive designers create great-looking interfaces that go beyond mere user-friendliness How caffeine-addicted, sugar-fortified programmers optimize every line of Objective-C and squash the most deeply hidden bugs How inspiration strikes at unlikely times and places How to plan for success by learning from the most successful iPhone app developers Who is this book for? All iPhone developers seeking enlightenment from the recognized masters

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