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Объем: 136 стр.
Переплет: Мягкая обложка
ISBN 1470077027; 2012 г.

Steve Jobs: Artist Tribute: Collection of artworks & caricatures of Steve Jobs with a History of Products

Автор: Mad Artist Publishing

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Visit http://Sketchozine.com to preview this book before you get it. "simply hilarious, provocative and imaginative". 190 of the worlda??s most renowned artists pay respect to the man that changed everything in this one of a kind innovative book. STEVE JOBS: ARTIST TRIBUTE is a beautifully put together collection of drawings, illustrations, mixed media, 3d, traditional & digital paintings and videos of Apple Inc. founder Steve Jobs. Just as the Apple culture unites the world with its technology, this book unites the world with creativity and human emotion. Learn about the history of Apple products from beginning to end and enjoy our special innovative features in the book. Scan QR Codes to play videos of steve and making-of the images right from the book. Network and connect with the artists, that include Jason Seiler, Dominic Philibert, Aaron Kizer, Seto Buje, Wouter Tulp, Fabio Barba, Paul Szep, Mohammed Elhussieny, Bryant Arnold, Charis Tsevis, Guy Whitby many more. As a bonus enjoy 8 animated films from our animation stories book. Mr. Jobs was an American icon and among the greatest visionaries of our time, gone much too soon... YOU TOO can be featured in our books or on our websites, simply create an account on our website www.Sketchoholic.com and click BE PUBLISHED from the homepage. We're always searching for great artwork, sketches or films....and you don't have to be famous...remember, everyone deserves exposure.

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